Surgical Procedures

The clinic provides surgical procedures within the clinic which are usually booked as a day procedure and carried out under local anaesthetic. Both simple procedures like a skin biopsy and more complex surgical excisions of skin cancers including melanoma are provided in the clinic.
It is of utmost importance that patients feel completely comfortable and pain free during the procedure, that is why the skin is tested to make sure there is no pain during the procedure you are encouraged to ask any questions until you feel comfortable and confident prior to your procedure.

Procedures will be charged at a private fee depending upon which procedure is required. A reduced fee or “Concession Rate” is available for Children aged 15yr and under and holders of a valid Government Concession Card or DVA Gold card.

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Meet our Team

At our practice, we have a clinically diverse and experienced team that work together to meet your healthcare needs. We have a range of General Practitioners and external providers that take special interest in several different aspects of patient care.