FotoFinder AI Mole Mapping


The Latest in Mole Mapping Technology Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Bridge Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art skin imaging technology that's recognized globally. From the early stages of skin cancer detection and hair analysis to aesthetics, clinical dermatology, and research, our systems guarantee crystal-clear imaging and absolute trustworthiness.

From our inception, our mission has been to present skin in a manner that's both vivid and smart, allowing for a seamless blend and connection of all functionalities. Clients are also treated to an enlightening journey as they explore features like birthmarks or their scalp with our technology.

Step into the future of skin imaging with us. Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence, we're making tomorrow's innovations accessible today at Bridge Skin Clinic.

ATBM master Total Body Dermoscopy

At Bridge Skin Clinic, our advanced ATBM® system transforms the concept of Total Body Mapping into Comprehensive Body Dermoscopy. This technology allows for an in-depth examination of moles right from the full-body image. Boasting exceptional image clarity, enhanced speed, and innovative features to instantly highlight any anomalies, our system is designed to optimize your diagnostic precision while saving valuable time.

State-of-the-art technology for dermatology and aesthetics

FotoFinder is the global epitome of cutting-edge skin visualization technology. High-tech meets family principle: just like a member of the family, your FotoFinder grows with your practice and is completely reliable for decades and with a diverse range of application possibilities covering all aspects of skin and hair.

The modular concept means it is possbile to adapt the functions of your FotoFinder to your range of services at any time, whether it´s for dermoscopy, full body documentation, hair consultations or aesthetics. Each FotoFinder is evolutionary and future-proof: Part of the family also means looking forward to further developments and innovations that will delight the practice staff and patients!

Skin cancer diagnostics

State-of-the-art technology for Total Body Mapping & dermoscopy


Psoriasis documentation & computerized PASI assessment

Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Before & after documentation, treatment planning & results evaluation

Total body dermoscopy

Assess microscopic structure of moles directly from the total body image

Clinical research

Imaging solutions & clinical services for global skin & hair studies

High Magnification

Spectacular images of capillaries, lesions and cell structures, magnified up to 400x